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Monthly Elevator Maintenance

Consistent Care for a Lifetime of Peak Performance

There’s no surer way to extend your elevators’ use and prevent costly problems from popping up than with monthly elevator maintenance.

Unfortunately, due to rising labor costs many elevators don’t receive the maintenance they need.  Even property owners who do have monthly maintenance contracts often complain of never seeing it performed until there’s a problem.

That’s why Oracle Elevator is committed to performing regular preventative maintenance on your elevators every month.

Here at Oracle, quick analysis and resolution of technical problems is our specialty.  Our technicians adhere to a companywide standard Maintenance Control Program proven to reduce callbacks and downtimes while maximizing the useful life of your elevator equipment.

The result: peak performance for your guests and big savings for you.

It’s why Oracle Elevator is the one of the largest independent elevator service companies in North America.

Oracle maintains all types of equipment including Otis, Thyssen, Schindler, Kone, Elevator Controls, MCE, Virginia Controls and EMAC.

Oracle has three types of maintenance programs to meet our customer requirements:


  • Monthly preventive maintenance visits
  • Regular time service calls (8am-4:30pm)
  • All repairs covered
  • Overtime callbacks can be included or billed separately
  • Vandalism/acts of god are not covered


  • Monthly preventive maintenance visits
  • Regular time service calls (8am-4:30pm)
  • Minor parts replacement (under $100) covered
  • Major repairs and overtime service calls billed separately


  • Monthly or quarterly preventive maintenance visits as agreed upon
  • All repairs and service calls billed separately

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